Powerplant (JAR 021 03)


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Airframes & Systems, Electrics, Powerplant, and Emergency Equipment (ASEPE) - Aeroplanes, subject 021, covers a broad swathe of information that is examined in one paper.  To make this information manageable, the 021 subject is broken down into three volumes; these are Airframes & Systems [which incorporates Emergency Equipment], Electrics, and Powerplant. Powerplant covers the syllabus for the JAR-FCL 021 exam paper. This volume gives the reader an insight into the construction, function, and operation of both piston and gas turbine engines. For examination purposes, the engines as described are to be considered 'generic', in reality each manufacturer will achieve the same objectives outlined in the text by different designs. Therefore, these notes equip the reader with the knowledge to undertake with confidence an engine manufacturer's course or type rating course which specializes in a particular design.

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